Retour Blog


The Croma residence is proud to present the English (British) language version of its website. To discover it, click on the little English flag at the top of the welcome banner.

Faced with an increasing number of foreign tourists and spa guests we receive, it was not superfluous to offer these foreigners passing by a version of the site in English. Now, this is done thanks to our bilingual communications manager Gil Beucher and our web developer Hoplie (special thanks to Jérémy Moreau).

We deliberately opted for British English and not American, considering that the English speakers staying with us have more knowledge of Shakespeare's language than Faulkner's

There are still a few "buttons" that appear in English at the time of booking, but these little details (which are moreover understandable for an English speaker) will be resolved very soon.

In the meantime, enjoy your virtual visit ... looking forwards to welcome you here!